Why work for Serv-Corp?


The ability to win every loan!!!

Plus the ability to select loan programs with the lowest interest rates in the business.

Outstanding processing and underwriting!

We provide you the tools to always win the loan. What make Serv-Corp different from the majority of mortgage companies on the market is loan options and company support. Since we work with many lenders it allows our loan officer the ability to select a loan program that will work best for their clients needs.

For example company ZYX might be great at reverse mortgage programs but not as strong in FHA mortgage programs and company TJZ might be great at FHA programs but not at reverse mortgage programs. At Serv-Corp we will offer you many lending partners for you to choose from so you don’t lose the client/deal which means securing the business and closing the deal!

Stop losing deals to the competition, at Serv-Corp we offer QM Loans and Non-QM Loans. What does this mean to a Loan officer? It means a world of possibilities, the opportunity to win business in many different ways. Don’t lose a loan because of the interest rate, client credit score or not being able to get the loan closed in time. At Serv-Corp we have many different lending partners with QM programs FHA, VA, Reverse Mortgage and more, we also have Non-QM programs Hard Money loans and more.

We offer loan programs at interest rates that the majority of our competitors can’t provide.

We also offer one of the most, if not the most competitive compensations plans in the business!!! How is Serv-Corp able to do this, the answer is simple volume. We are not a greedy company so our loan officers receive the majority of every deal they close. Our goal is to keep our loan officers happy and loyal by providing them with an aggressive compensation plan and the tools to succeed!

We have a company sliding scale and flat fee system for our QM loans, so our loan officers receive the majority of ever deal they close! Just imagine a tub of ice cream and when the deal closes Serv-Corp takes one scoop of ice cream and the loan officer gets the rest of the tub.

With one simple email or 5 minute phone call you can change your life. If you’re interested in learning more about Serv-Corp and the possibility of becoming a loan office with us please send an email to.


If you have any additional questions and would like to learn more about this Senior Loan Officer opportunity you can also contact Serv-Corp opportunities by phone, powered by Valor staffing at (949) 619-4646.

Serv Corp Mortgage Brokers

Calling all superstar loan officers! If you're looking for a career in a company that's evolving, has a great culture and amazing opportunities within the mortgage industry, Serv Corp is the clear choice. As part of the Serv team you'll work with motivated team members who have pride in, and passion for, what they do. Guided by our core values, we remain steadfast to our commitment to career growth and development for all levels of team members so they may navigate their own future and grow with the company.

With our "out of the box" thinking, we've created a loan officer program that gives you an all access pass to help you increase your current book of business & referrals. Learn the secrets to low cost lead generation, to keep your pipeline full, so you can fund more loans!  SERV CORP